Talk——Mobile awareness network: Realizes the integration of communication awareness in the mobile network

Jian Zhang     ♥ April 27th and 28th

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Early radar and communication systems differ greatly in modulation modes, target realization and application scenarios, so there has been little research on the integration of the two systems in the past. However, in recent years, the application of perception is becoming more and more abundant, and the cost of directly implementing a ubiquitous wireless perception network is too high. A promising approach is the realization of communication perception integrated network. Therefore, the traditional mobile network needs to evolve from pure communication network to JCAS network, we call it PMN (perceptive mobile network).

perceptive mobile network

Advantages of JCAS:

  • High frequency efficiency: Wireless communication and radar can fully share the frequency, frequency efficiency has doubled.
  • High beamforming performance: Beamforming performance can be improved by sensing the structure of the exploration channel.
  • Low cost/size: The integrated system can greatly reduce the cost and size of the transceiver compared to two separate systems.
  • Complementary benefits of communication and perception: Communication links can enhance better collaboration gains for multiple sensing nodes, while perception can improve environment awareness for communication, improving security and performance.

The way JCAS perceives:

  • Active downlink sensing: Detects the reflected signals sent by the downlink and uses the received signals directly. Full-duplex mode is required.
  • Downlink passive sensing: Passively receives signals from other base stations for sensing. The implementation is simple, but there are clock synchronization problems.
  • Uplink awareness: Senses the signals sent by the user. Without full-duplex requirements, the user cannot directly learn the signals of the transmitter, especially when the user’s mobile channel changes rapidly.
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Jian Zhang, Associate Professor, Director of wireless Perception and Pattern Recognition Laboratory, University of Technology Sydney, Australia