Talk——Research progress of clinical manifestations and related physiological characteristics of depression

Yanping Ren     ♥ July 29th

Talk online


  • Content:

Introduce the basic concepts, clinical features, physical and physiological changes of depression, including the changes in cognitive function and sleep characteristics of depression patients.

  • Biography

Yanping Ren is a doctor of the Department of Psychiatry, specializing in clinical diagnosis and treatment. She is committed to researching the application of electrophysiological detection and treatment technology in the diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases, promoting the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, eye movement detection, polysomnography, biofeedback therapy and other technologies. As the leader of the project, he has been granted 7 projects, including the national key RESEARCH and development project, Beijing Natural Science Foundation project, Beijing Science and Technology Commission project, Beijing municipal first project, Beijing Municipal Education Commission project, etc. He has participated in a number of research projects, including 3 key joint research projects of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, national Natural Science Foundation of China, “973” projects, etc. More than 50 papers have been published, with the highest impact factor of 8.955. He has edited and participated in the compilation of many teaching materials and monographs, and won two teaching achievement awards of Capital Medical University and one teaching achievement award of Beijing Education.

Major social positions: Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association branch of Psychiatry, Director of Beijing Neuroscience Society, standing member of Beijing Medical Association branch of Psychiatry, etc.