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Talk——Mobile awareness network: Realizes the integration of communication awareness in the mobile network

April 26th and 27th

Professor Zhang Jian, as a well-known expert engaged in the research of perceptual communication fusion, has made a detailed description of its development background, history, key technologies and research challenges, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the integration of perceptual communication.

 Talk——Research progress of clinical manifestations and related physiological characteristics of depression 

July 29th

Introduce the basic concepts, clinical features, physical and physiological changes of depression, including the changes in cognitive function and sleep characteristics of depression patients.


Talk——Wireless AI: WiFi Sensing from Principles to Products

August 4th

We are rapidly moving towards a ubiquitously connected, interactive world of AIoT, where pervasive sensing is highly demanded to bridge the cyber and physical space. Today’s computers, despite their powerful computing and networking capabilities, still lack effective sensing of the physical world to make possible revolutionary applications for smart homes, digital health, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity….