5G Based Automated Driving

MEC Based Network Assist Driving for Autonomous Vehicles

Our team has done a lot of research on system implementation and network prototype and realized the first open source 5G end-to-end system in the world and designed and developed the world’s first service-oriented network slice arrangement management system, which can be applied in network-assisted autonomous driving.

Our team set up a project of functional architecture for autonomous driving which defined the functional architecture and reference points of network-assisted autonomous driving based on mobile edge computing platform. The successful project occupies the commanding height of network-assisted autonomous driving standard formulation, which is conducive to the research in this field.

High Precision Positioning for Automated Driving

  • Radio based localization: using AOA, AOD and delay extracted from receiving signal to do LOS and NLOS classification and then locate the vehicles.
  • Cooperative localization based on V2X: In time domain, vehicle can locate itself by motion information (commonly derived from IMU). In spatial domain, vehicle can get relative positions from other vehicles to reduce the position error.
  • Multiple sensing fusion: fuse multiple sensors (like LIDAR, radio signals, GPS and IMU) to overcome the disadvantage of single sensor and improve their precision for localization, so the high precision localization can be deployed in all scenario.

5G Based Timing for Smart Devices

Network timing through 5G NR with microsecond level accuracy

  • High precision air interface timing method based on 5G synchronization signals

Referring to PTP protocol defined in IEEE1588v2, which is already used in optical network timing, we designed an algorithm based on 5G synchronization signals to reduce the influence caused by delay jittering of air interface.

  • High precision timing network framework.

We use Mobile Edge Computing for Timing (MECT) to increase the timing accuracy and have implemented a prototype system to test the performance of our timing algorithm.

  • Application scenarios

5G network auto driving; Timing without satellite; ……