Research Activities

1、5G Based Automated Driving

  • MEC Based Network Assist Driving for Autonomous Vehicles
  • High Precision Positioning for Automated Driving
  • 5G Based Timing for Smart Devices

2、Open Source5G

  • Open Source Base Station and CRAN
  • Open Source 5G Core Networks
  • Openness of Network Architecture and Capabilities

3、6G Communication and Networking

  • Dynamic Network Slicing
  • Service Based 6G Networking
  • Beam Management in MmWave Massive MIMO Systems
  • Spectrum and Interference Management for Heterogeneous Networks

4、Heterogeneous Resources Management in MEC

  • Video Caching and Delivery in MEC-Enabled HetNet
  • AI-driven Resources Management Algorithm Design in MEC
  • Computing Offloading and Deployment of MEC

5、AI Driven Wi-Fi Networking and Sensing

  • AI Based Performance Optimization in MAC Layer
  • Wi-Fi Based Physical Motion Sensing and Imaging

6、Communication Performance Analysis and Optimization of Network Based UAS

  • Performance Analysis for Network Based UAS
  • Communication and Energy-Efficient Optimization for UAS

7、Data Collection and Analyzing for IoT

  • Data Collection for Distributed Generator
  • AI Based Data Analyzing for Energy Switch
  • Effective Energy Management for Energy Switch
  • Group Paging Method for Cellular IoT