Wenpeng Jing

Faculty postdoctor  

  • Beijing Laboratory of Advanced Information Networks,
  • Beijing Key Laboratory of Network System Architecture and Convergence,
  • Joint BUPT-Eurecom Open5G Lab
  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Work Experience:

2017-July ——Current, postdoctor in BUPT

Education Background:

2012-Sept —— 2017-July, PhD Candidates, BUPT

2008-Sept —— 2012-July, Bachelor, Shandong University

Research Interests:

  • MEC
  • Radio Resources Management
  • LTE-WLAN Aggregation (LWA) and Licensed Assisted Access (LAA);

Representative publications:

Journal Papers

[J1]Wenpeng Jing, XiangmingWen, Zhaoming Lu, Zhiqun Hu and Tao Lei , “Proportional-

Fair Energy-Efficient Radio Resource Allocation for OFDMA Smallcell Networks”, in

Wireless Networks, pp. 1-13, 2016. [Online].http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11276-016-


[J2]Wenpeng Jing, Zhaoming Lu, Xiangming Wen, Zhiqun Hu and Shaoshi Yang,

“Flexible Resource Allocation for Joint Optimization of Energy and Spectral Efficiency

in OFDMA Multi-Cell Networks,” in IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 19, no.

3, pp. 451-454, March 2015.

Conferences Papers

[C1]Wenpeng Jing, Xiangming Wen, Zhaoming Lu, Zhiqun Hu and Tao Lao, “Radio

Resource Allocation with Proportional-Fair Energy Efficiency Guarantee for Smallcell

Networks, in Proc. IEEE PIMRC, Valencia, 2016.

[C2]Wenpeng Jing, Zhaoming Lu, Zhicai Zhang, Haijun Zhang and Xiangming Wen,

“Energy-efficient power allocation with QoS provisioning in OFDMA femtocell networks,”

in Proc. IEEE WCNC, Istanbul, 2014, pp. 1473-1478.

[C3]Wenpeng Jing, Zhaoming Lu, Haijun Zhang, Zhicai Zhang, Jun Zhao and Xiangming

Wen, “Energy-saving resource allocation scheme with QoS provisioning in

OFDMA femtocell networks,” in Proc. IEEE ICC workshop, Sydney, NSW, 2014, pp.