5G Based Automated Driving

MEC Based Network Assist Driving for Autonomous Vehicles Our team has done a lot of research on system implementation and network prototype and realized the first open source 5G end-to-end system in the world and designed and developed the world’s Read more

Open Source5G

Open Source Base Station and CRAN Implemented based on Openairinterface Compatible with 3GPP standard protocols and can be flexibly expanded Adopt the CU-DU-RRU three-level architecture, split the baseband processing unit (BBU) and the underlying functions of the PHY layer are Read more

6G Communication and Networking

Dynamic Network Slicing A network slicing management framework of 5G ultra-dense networks. A multilayer network model is used to represent the topology of multi-slices and infrastructure network from a global perspective. With this model, the physical resources can be allocated Read more

Data Collection and Analyzing for IoT

Data Collection for Distributed Generator As distributed generators become more and more popular, data collection for these generators becomes more important for father researches about data analysis. By considering the distributed generators as a wireless sensor network(WSN), it is easier Read more

AI Driven Wi-Fi Networking and Sensing

AI Based Performance Optimization in MAC Layer (Hang Qi) Wi-Fi Based Physical Motion Sensing and Imaging Health Monitoring with Wi-Fi Sensing: vital signs detection, elderly monitoring, etc. Wi-Fi Enabled Activities Recognition: gesture recognition, fall detection, etc. Indoor Imaging Based on Read more